Should I cleanse my face before or after working out?

June 6 2022 


We encourage to wash face



Morning Work-Out : 


If you used any active ingredients the night before, it can be mixed with the sweat which can cause irritations.


Also when we sleep, our skin produce natural face oil (sebum). Mixing the sweat with the sebum can cause clogging pores which leads to skin troubles. 





Afternoon Work- out: 


If you have any makeups, it's best to remove them before you start working out.


"The combination of sweat and wearing makeup can cause a buildup of excess oil," says David E. Bank, M.D., a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York.


When we sweat, it opens the pores and makeups can clog the pores which cause acne cosmetica - a form of acne that looks like little red bumps with no inflammation. 


Use a gentle cleanser and apply a light cream and sunscreen, if you are going outside. 


Post Work-Out :


Do a full cleanse after work out. 
Make sure to remove all the sweat and impurities.


It's tempting to wash face with ice cold water after work out.  But cold water on the skin can irritate skin easily and cause mild flare-up due to contacting skin with much lower temperature than your natural skin's.


Wash them with a luke-warm water first and then you can splash some cold water on your eye, necks or just parts of your face skin for more refreshing feel. 

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