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Why Face Toner IS Important For Your Skincare Routine

Jenny Ha · Apr 11 2022


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We all heard of the importance of “foundation” or “basic” in anything. Face toner is that fundamental stage of all the skincare steps that you will be applying to your skin. 


Using a toner helps:

1. Improves efficacy of next skincare products. It helps skin to get ready and absorb the next active ingredients of your skincare products. It balances skin’s pH levels which can help prevent acne or clogged pores. Then it helps other skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin. 


2. Removes impurities. Double cleansing is one of the popular methods right now. However, even double cleansing cannot perfectly remove all the impurities. Using toner gives the final round to remove excess oil and dirt before your nourishment steps with serums and moisturizer. 


3. Extra hydration and deposit some dilute active ingredients.After cleansing, your skin gets dried up pretty quickly due to evaporation. Toner is to deposit extra hydration so lock in the moisture inside of your skin. And a lot of toners now have higher nutrients and ingredients that help to nourish your skin. 

3 Mutiple Ways To Use Marine pH Balance Toner Throughout Your Day


In the morning :

Bubble Toner 
Make bubble from your toner and gently pad throughout your skin. Bubble toner makes it less irritating to your skin and due to the smaller particles, it hydrates your skin more than other types. 

Tip: If you don't wash face with the cleanser in the morning, you can put bubble toner on the cotton pad and gently exfoliate to remove excess oil overnight but without stripping your skin. 


In the Afternoon:


Apply an extra layer of hydration throughout the day to prevent skin losing the moisture. The container is travel size, which you can use whenever, wherever. 


At Night:


DIY Sheet mask
Damp cotton pad with toner and leave it on the areas that you want to do a focus treatment. (cheeks, forehead, necklines etc)

Leave it for 10-15 minutes and pad them gently to help the absorption.