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Curation Process

No time, too many options = frustration

When there are thousands of products to choose from, it can be stressful and frustrating trying to sort the quality products from flashy fakes. We know how disappointing it is to get your hopes up that you’ve found something extraordinary, only to realize the product you bought was all hype and no solution. At Dewology, we know this frustration because we’ve experienced it firsthand. That’s why we search through thousands of skincare and beauty products—you deserve more. 

We do the work for you

At Dewology, we relentlessly comb through the beauty market, searching for the right brands from small- to mid-size companies that share our values and dedication to quality. Each product we select for Dewology undergoes four to eight weeks of testing and vetting. We insist on the highest-quality, animal-cruelty-free products with no harmful ingredients.  

Our purpose: Healthy Community

Thorough, thoughtful curation that builds community and enhances your life is our passion and our philosophy. While we work every day to bring you products that can help reveal the best you, we also strive to create a community. Supporting and uplifting each other is just as important as finding the right products. Community is at the heart of all we do.  

Connect with us! Get in touch and send us an email, or join the Dewology community on social media to hear the latest buzz. Let’s glow together. 💖